About Me

Hi! My name is Stefan Victor Kamer and this is my blog! Welcome!

So this is an "About Me" page so I should probably tell you who I am and what this site is about, right? Ok, cool.

Who am I?

I am an IT Engineer for a Managed IT Service Provider in New York City, and

I was born in Zurich, Switzerland and raised both here in New York, and also in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Pretty early on, I found out I had this crazy passion for technology, and it's been that way ever since. Only difference now is that not only do I have a passion for technology, but also for Business, Photography. I'm often referred to as a bit of an information "junkie" (see my endless RSS feeds to see why).

If you went to my Social Networking profiles you'd probably see something like me calling myself a "Technology Enthusiast, Transhumanist, and Future CEO." Yep. The Technology Enthusiast part is simply because I love everything about Technology, so I learn tons about it, so you could ask me just about anything and I'd probably have something to tell you. Transhumanist? Yeah. I personally believe that we as humans are in transition to become something better and technology will help us get there. And future CEO; that's one of my life goals (let me just add successful to that title), and I know I'll achieve it at some point.

What else can I tell ya? Hmm... oh yeah! I'm 26 and I have a cat called Lily =D

What is this site?

So I made this site so that I could achieve several goals.

  • To continually put my own programming and web technologies knowledge to good use as a personal project (in the development and maintenace of this site)
  • To share information that I've come across that I believe others will find useful
  • To answer technology questions that have people puzzled (I love answering questions)
  • To build a content rich website to demonstrate my writing ability, strong research capabilities, and to establish myself as an expert (or at least a reputable source) in the field

But for you, that basically means that you'll hopefully be getting plenty of interesting content, mostly about technology, that is either original, or has a feel to it that allows you to understand even complex technical concepts. Beyond that, I also like to be in depth in my articles, as I feel that too often we simply skim over things and tend to end up knowing things without knowing why or how they came to be. This is something pretty important to me. I want everyone to understand technology better, not just people who already know a thing or two. To that end, I always try to write with as easy to understand language as possible.

Naturally, there will be some opinions, and even some bias in my articles, but I try my absolute best to give you concrete logical reasons that will help you understand my point of view.

I hope you enjoy the site, if you do, please don't forget to subscribe, comment, Follow me on Twitter, and Like my Page on Facebook. Thanks!