Facebook Messenger: What's Happening?


If you use Facebook on your mobile device and you also use the Messaging function, you may have noticed that Facebook has started to urge you to install the Facebook Messenger app in order to view and reply to your messages. So, why is this happening, and is it really such a bad thing? And why should I use the Facebook Messenger app anyway?

Why is this happening?

So, everyone knows Facebook. You get to post status updates, make comments, go on groups and pages, watch videos, and post photos, etc. But Messenger has also become an integral part of the Facebook User Experience. Sometimes it’s one of the most important parts, since it allows you to have private conversations in a highly public social network. Obviously, Facebook would want to make sure that you get the best services and features possible. Especially since there are companies out there that are competing with them for your attention and usage. Since most of Facebook’s usage is on mobile devices, and let’s be honest, the messaging portion of the Facebook app (and the Facebook app itself) has always been kind of a mess. On your computer, you get notifications on the dot, “Seen” messages, animated stickers(big emojis), photo attachments, group messaging, and so much more and it all works great. But in the Facebook app on mobile? Not so much.

Facebook, as a result, is trying something new. They’re sort of breaking their properties into pieces. That way, Facebook can update their stuff independently, without having to worry about each part breaking each other, and also offering you faster updates, more new features, and a much better experience.

Why is everyone so upset?

In order for Facebook to truly be able to accomplish this goal, they kind of had to force everyone to conform. It’s sort of a “Look, we have this new idea. I know it’s gonna take 1 annoying step, but trust us, it’s worth it.” And to be honest, I agree with them on that. Facebook is essentially not allowing you to reach your messages unless you install the separate Facebook Messenger app. Sounds kind of harsh, but when you let go of the fact that it’s not really a big deal, you start to see what they meant in that it was such a good idea.

There’s that and for some reason people are once again raging about all of the permissions and “privacy concerns” that the Facebook Messenger app has. The reality is that the Facebook Messenger app has almost identical permissions as the original app, and people are just being picky and whiny. Only difference is in the permissions about the Camera and Microphone (and this happens for a reason because of the cool new features.)

So what’s so good about this new Facebook Messenger App?

Ok. Time for the fun part. If you haven’t been using this app before, you’ve seriously been missing out. Notifications for this app work SO much better and faster, so you never have to worry about missing out on conversations. Besides one of the coolest features being “Chat Heads” which is a floating notification bubble that let’s you do other stuff while having a conversation just a tap away (if you don’t like this, you can disable it), there’s also a super fast and easy way to send pictures with a touch of a button (this is why the camera permission exists), all of the animated stickers are here, you can send voice messages and basically kill voicemail, you can literally call people over the internet for free (if they also have the app), you can send people your location on a map, you can search for images and send them from within the app, and there’s a giant growing Like button. A couple of those are extra cool. Let’s check them out!

Taking Pictures and Video!


This is such a simple thing, but being able to take pictures and videos super fast and from anywhere in the OS is super cool!


Image Search Sharing


You ever have that moment where you wanna show someone a picture on the web, or find a meme to send them really quick? Well the FB Messenger app has that feature built-in and it’s really neat.


Location Sharing


Someone ever ask you where you are, or where you should meet, and you want to be super specific, but don’t know the exact address? Click this button and use the map with precise location and they’ll know exactly how to get to you.


Super Fun Animated Stickers!


Sometimes the plain old emoticons that we know just don’t cut it. FB Messenger has big and hilarious stickers that make conversations even funner.


So there you have it! There’s nothing to worry about in the new Facebook Messenger app. You’re probably going to love it and enjoy using Facebook Messenger even more than before! Enjoy!