Forget about the Pain


One day, many years ago, I was heading out to my father's ranch in Minas Gerais (Brazil) with my dad, when a mosquito bit me. I whined and whined about how much it hurt and itched. That day, my father taught me something so small that grew into a life lesson so big that it prevented a lot of pain and suffering in my life.

He told me "Son, pain is in the mind. If it hurts or itches, just forget about it. You'll be surprised how quick you won't feel it anymore." I've come to learn over the years that those words, work with all forms of pain. Ask me how I can punch a wall and barely feel a thing. It's because during my years practicing Kyokushin Karate, I applied my fathers words and forgot about the pain. They work for emotional pain too, but it's more complex. Some might say that you're just locking the pain away and it'll hit you later. In my opinion it depends on what you do with the emotional pain. If you look at it as "forget about it; i'll deal with it later," then duh it's gonna come back later. But if you forget about it and say to yourself "shit happens, no point in dwelling, move along," then you're doing yourself a favor. The human mind is incredibly powerful. It's up to you, however, to realize that and use it more in your favor. The world is yours. Learn to manipulate your mind and your limits may just disappear!