Get A Glimpse of Windows 9 With Leaked Screenshots

Another day, another leak. This time some more leaked screenshots of the upcoming Windows 9 scheduled to be released in Q2 of 2015.

So what’s notable here?


The Start Menu Is Back!

You’ll notice that there is a brand new start menu where we used to see it in Windows 7 and before. It looks quite a bit different as it merges functionality of the Start Menu of Windows 8/8.1, with the old Start Menu that we all know and love. The result may seem like a step backward, but I feel like this is a step in the right direction as it reaches a compromise of the new features of Windows and the versatility of the start menu. Good to see it here.


Notifications on the Desktop

Windows 8 introduced a notifications system to Windows. While it was a cool idea, it was highly underutilized, particularly for Desktop users. Now, with Windows 9 you’ll see a Notification “Center” (if you will), right on the desktop, controlled by the Taskbar. This should help increase the usage and attention paid to notifications. I just hope that we see more regular applications use its functionality.


Metro Apps on the Desktop

So for many Desktop users, we basically just forget about the existence of Metro Apps. This is unfortunate because there are some really cool apps out there on the Microsoft Store. So to make them more useful even to Desktop users who are used to have more than one thing open at a time, Microsoft has added the ability to treat Metro Apps like you would any other app, as a window on your desktop. This is awesome!


Desktop Spaces

Taking a page from Mac and Linux, Microsoft is finally adding the Desktop Spaces feature to Windows 9. This will allow you to have multiple separate desktops and be able to quickly and easily switch between them at a moments notice. This way you can keep your Work, Entertainment, and more separate.


Subtle Design Changes

You’ll also notice some very subtle design changes like some of the icons are flatter, Window Bezels are almost completely gone (I’ve been wanting this for years), and just an overall slightly cleaner user interface.


I”m liking what I’m seeing here and I think Microsoft may finally be able to pull those people who were resistant to Windows 8, into Windows 9. It just about fixes everything people didn’t like about 8 (the biggest being the start menu) and adds a bunch of stuff that are useful too. We’ll know more when the first preview is released at the end of this month or early next month.

What do you think of Windows 9 so far? Let me know in the comments below.