Google is on a roll this month!


Thinking more about the recent Motorola sale to Lenovo, the Nest purchase by Google, and other things that happened in the tech world recently, I feel like Google is winning, A LOT right now.

OK. So let’s look at why.

The first thing that happened was that Google bought Nest for $3.2 Billion. Now, Nest is a hardware company that up until now has only made 2 products: the Nest Thermostat and the Nest Protect (smoke alarm). What set nest apart though, was their design and functionality. They knew the best way to make these products and they won big. Google, having bought Nest, now is bringing in most of the hardware team into Google’s Core Hardware Team. For Google, this means that their design is probably about to get a massive improvement.

Then, Google sold Motorola to Lenovo for $2.91 Billion. Now, let me clarify what happened. Google had originally finished purchasing Motorola back in 2012 for $12.8 Billion Dollars. They did this mainly because of Motorola’s Patent Portfolio which consisted of more than 15,000 patents. Google massively overvalued those patents and believed they would be a strong defense against Apple. While it definitely increased the defenses of Android significantly, it wasn’t as good as they had hoped. Motorola since then has been working independently from Google. The Moto X was not a collaboration with Google. It was all Motorola. Google just gave them a big financial boost and Motorola definitely took it and made 2 great products. For those of you that don’t know, Lenovo is in 5th place in Worldwide sales of smartphones in 2013. To them, buying Motorola for $2.91 Billion is a steal and could mean big business for them in the US. Now, Google has sold Motorola Mobility to Lenovo, but has kept the patents (while allowing Lenovo to use them as well), AND has kept the Advanced Technology Group of Motorola which was in charge of the Modular phone prototype called Project Ara. The way I see it, Google just got a ton of new tech from Motorola, and helped better the Android ecosystem a lot by helping Motorola, and then practically bought Nest for free because of their sale to Lenovo.

Finally, Samsung and Google signed a series of cross-licensing agreements that last up to 10 years. This means that Samsung can now use a lot of Google’s patents and vice versa. In return, Google asked Samsung to dial back and tone down this crazy amount of addon crap that Samsung adds onto their devices and let Google control Android more freely.

That’s all not including that Google bought an Artificial Intelligence company called DeepMind for $400 Million to help bolster it’s Search, Security, eCommerce, Social, and Voice Recognition services. And of course, Google also bought the robotics company Boston Dynamics for $500 Million.

Google is on a serious roll this month and I am crazy psyched for what they are going to do. The Android ecosystem just got a huge boost in breathing space and Google’s Hardware Team just became an all-star team. Things are going to be REALLY interesting as time progresses.

What do you think about Google’s progress this month? Feel different? Let me know below!