Introducing the new SVK Tech Redesign!

It’s a new year and with it comes a new design for the site. This time, the new design has some distinguishing new features aimed at providing readers with the best experience both on a desktop/laptop and when mobile with a phone/tablet.

Here are some of the changes:

  • Clean UI

I felt that having a clean, modern User Interface was important. Many sites have content all over the page. I don’t post as much as they do, whereas I emphasize readability, design, content, and quality. To that end, you’ll find a very minimal, yet open design that is formatted excellently for every device.

  • Navigation Drawer

Gone is the ever hovering menu under the header! Now, to make things more consistent across devices, all of the links are neatly tucked into a navigation drawer in the top right corner of the site. With this, you can access all the main parts of the site from anywhere on the site. Plus it feels like an app!

  • Post Types

Each kind of post, whether it’s a Video, text, quote, image, etc, will have its own post format optimized to have the best viewing experience. This way, not everything looks the same, but still remains consistent with the design of the site.

  • Speed

I’ve always had a pet peeve against slow websites. Turns out the data supports my pet peeve. People don’t like slow sites. With that in mind, the new design is being optimized to load as fast as possible both when accessing for the first time and when browsing while in it. This will continually be worked on to improve speeds even more.

  • Post Frequency

With this new redesign, the timing is perfect because WordPress has vastly update its mobile app, which will enable me to post while out and about, thereby increasing the amount of posts the site will have. That means no more massive periods of time without posts!


These are just 5 of the many new changes to the site. As you use the site you’ll notice all of the awesome new features and design cues. I hope you all like it!

If you have any thoughts, complaints, suggestions, or criticisms, let me know in the comments below!