T-Mobile announces Music Freedom. Starts the death of Net Neutrality.


At the Uncarrier 5.0 event today, T-Mobile announced the next step in a movement of new features it is bringing to customers. It’s called Music Freedom. It sounds absolutely AWESOME…but…it’s actually really…really…REALLY BAD.

So. Let me explain. Music Freedom is a service that basically makes the data used by music streaming apps like iTunes Radio, Spotify, Slacker, iHeartRadio, etc. not count against your data cap. So let’s say you are on a 2GB T-Mobile plan and you decide to use Spotify. Using Spotify will no longer affect those 2GB of data that you have. Sounds sweet right? Yeah. Except it creates a MASSIVE problem. And you’ve heard of it before. Net Neutrality. This basically kills it.

You see, the idea here is that only specific apps that are part of the Music Freedom program, will receive this benefit, and it doesn’t cost anything for that to happen, but the fact is that it’s happening in general. The idea that some apps are getting preferential access to the internet, while others don’t, is the whole point of Net Neutrality. Not only that but it’s a really slippery slope to worse things. Like if let’s say Google is not on good terms with Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile’s Parent Company. T-Mobile could theoretically then stop Google from being part of this program. Or just imagine up any scenario where T-Mobile prioritizes one service over another and all of a sudden, your apps and services are not treated equally.

I’ve been a HUGE supporter of T-Mobile up until now, but this… This is making it really hard for me to like them. I don’t like where this is headed. Neither should you.