Time Management


For those of you that say you never have time for anything because of school or some other reason, have you ever really evaluated how much time you have and how much time school takes?

Here’s a nice place to start: a week consists of 168 hours.

A 15 credit semester means your classes last up to 15 hours a week (usually they never get that high though). If you slept 7 hours a day (which is more than many of us do), then you slept 49 hours in a week. Add those up and you still have 104 hours left in a week. Factor in travel time, study time (if you study), any extracurricular obligations (like club meetings), lunch, dinner, breakfast, and hygiene times and again look at how much you have left.

At this point you will probably notice that you have way more time free than you thought you did. Have a goal? Don’t make time for it, cause you already have the time, just do it. People ask me how I am able to take classes, have 2 jobs (in remote places), be President of SWAT (Students Working to Advance Technology), have a girlfriend (while being a good boyfriend that spends lots of time with his girlfriend), be active in a Fraternity (Tau Kappa Epsilon), and still take up more to do (now running for Vice-President of Finance if the Inter-Greek Council). I’ll tell you how: stop whining about time and punch everything into a Google Calendar, get your priorities straight, think critically about what you need and don’t need, and just do it.

Oh yeah and that calculation up there helps a lot with perspective. It also helps me prepare for the uber busy lifestyle of my lifetime goal of becoming a CEO. Just my thing.