Why Google+ managing YouTube comments is a good idea


This past week Google and YouTube decided to consolidate a little and change the long-standing horrible comment system of YouTube.

Their solution was to require all users that wish to comment on YouTube to use their Google+ profiles to do so. This has stirred outrage across the internet. So what’s the big deal? Is it a good idea?Â

YouTube originally had one of the worst comment systems on the internet with virtually no moderation beyond “thumbs up”, “thumbs down”, and “report.” This made the comments section simply a massively long unorganized list. In addition, it had virtually no filtering and control for all the horrendous quantities of trolling, racism, and more.

With the new system, the comments are now threaded so replies will cascade below each other, comments from your friends and people you follow on Google+ will take priority and show up higher on the comments section, and video creators will also take priority. So now if Deadmau5 posts a video and he comments on his own video, his comment will most likely show up near the top.

By creating this new barrier where users need to have their very public Google+ profiles attached to their YouTube accounts, it will reduce the amount of poor taste comments on YouTube as it will be more readily available to know exactly who posted the comment.

This change is a very welcome change in my opinion. A more efficient comment system, and less clutter? Count me in.